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Corporate History

May, 1950 Established Tokyo Optical Equipment Manufacturing (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
May, 1971
Changed the company name to Tokina Optical Co.Ltd.
Nov., 1990
Established EYEMEC Co., Ltd. (Capital:10 million yen), a sales company for contact lenses manufactured by HOYA Corp.
Sep., 1995
Increased capital to 40 million yen.
Nov., 1995
Changed the company name to Tokina Co.Ltd., which succeeded operations of the former Tokina Optical Co., Ltd. (established in 1950; capital of 450 million yen)
May, 1996
Increased capital to 90 million yen.
March, 1999
Commissoned by Kenko Co., Ltd. to succeeded operations of its overseas interchangeable lens sales division.
June, 1999

Closed Tokina China office in Changchun city, Jilin province, China and established a subsidiary company named Changchun Tokina Optical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Started to manufacture monitoring and industrial lenses.

Jan., 2006
Changchun Tokina Optical Equipment Co., Ltd. took over the Changchun T.M.A Optical Co., Ltd.
March, 2006

The business of KT Sakurai Corp. Optics Division was transferred to Kenko Tokina Slik(KTS) Corp.

The business of Zhongshan Kenko Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was transferred to Zhongshan kenko Tokina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Oct., 2006
The head office was transferred from Machida-shi, Tokyo to Miyoshi-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama.
June, 2008
The sales business of surveillance equipment was transferred from TSS Co., Ltd. Security Department to Tokina Co., Ltd.
Sep, 2008 The San Engineering Co., Ltd. joined with Tokina Co., Ltd. as the Fukaya factory.
June, 2011

Tokina Co., Ltd. was merged into her mother company, Kenko Co., Ltd. and the new consolidated company was denominated as “Kenko-Tokina Co., Ltd."

The head office was transferred from Miyoshi-machi, Isuma-gun, Saitama to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

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